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"Great stories happen to those who can tell them." - Ira Glas

Storytelling is foundational to human existence.  Go back thousands of years and you'll see stories being crafted, shared, and retold for generations.  Stories give meaning to the world around us.  They are how we communicate ideas and themes within life.  White Deer Films is ready to dive into your story and help you tell it.

Knowing where to start in the storytelling process is key.  With the right interviews and proper shots out in the field, we can weave together an edit that captivates the viewer.  Raw, emotional clips immerses the audience in the experience while keeping them informed on the reality of the situation.

straight deer print-01.png
straight deer print-01.png

Deserting Refuge

In 2016, thousands of refugees fled from Syria, Iraq and Iran to camps scattered around France while seeking asylum.  In their search for safety, many of the refugees were met with scrutiny, judgement, and unwelcoming hands.  This is a story of normal, everyday people looking for a place to call home.

A Hero in Haiti

Hurricane Matthew was a category 5 hurricane  in 2016 that nearly destroyed parts of Haiti. One local stepped in during the disaster to help feed and provide shelter for those affected by the storm.

Terry Mattson Memorial

Beloved husband, teacher, and community member, Terry Mattson, passed away in 2019.  Hundreds of people gathered to celebrate and remember the life and impact of Mr. Mattson.


Have a story?

Let's tell it!

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